Lieutenant Curtis Chambers

Chair Of Redmond Area Community Coalition

ieutenant Curtis Chambers has served with the Redmond Police Department for more than twenty years, becoming a police officer after attending the Oregon Police Corp Academy in Fall 2002 – Winter 2003. LT Chambers quickly developed a passion for traffic safety, excelling at DUII investigations, traffic enforcement and crash investigations, speaking regularly at driver education classes at Redmond High School, and formerly a regular speaker at Deschutes County DUII Victim’s Impact classes. In 2005, LT Chambers became a Field Sobriety Test/DUII instructor, an Implied Consent/Intoixlyzer 8000 instructor, and attended the Oregon Drug Recognition Expert school. After completing DRE school, LT Chambers became a certified Drug Recognition Expert in 2006, holding certification through 2014. LT Chambers has served as a patrol officer (2003-2008), a criminal detective (2009-2011), a patrol sergeant (2011-2016), a Lieutenant assigned to the Administrative/Investigations Division (2016-2020), and now a Lieutenant assigned to the Patrol Division (2020-Present). One of LT Chambers current duties is the management of the police department’s traffic enforcement officers. Throughout LT Chambers’ career, a passion for traffic safety has remained. LT Chambers desires to ensure our roadways are safe for all users, drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and children. LT Chambers was the initial Redmond Police representative to the Redmond Area Community Coalition when it was founded and continues to be an active member and participant in the RACC’s vision of preventing alcohol, drug, and vaping use by youth.