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Tools & Resources

CLEAR Alliance is proud to offer this set of tools for you to use alongside our courses and curriculums. Whether you hang posters in your classroom, share our videos on social media, or sponsor one of our radio ads, you'll be helping us in our mission to prevent substance abuse and impaired driving.

"Did You Know?" Ads

Many youth (and adults) often report they were unaware of the impact substances have on the brain, the body, and impaired driving.  These ads are designed to offer quick facts that address common myths. Each time you share a “Did you know?” ad, you reinforce the messaging of the course curriculums and help empower youth and adults to make informed health and safety decisions.

Video Campaigns

Our "Did You Know?," Impaired Driving, and Course videos are great resources for parents, teachers, prevention agencies and more who want to spread awareness about substance abuse and impaired driving. Share them on social media, with friends and family, or in your school or other public agency.

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Radio Ads


Share the facts with one of our radio ads!

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Educational Flyers

Our Educational Flyers are the perfect way to share quick facts about drugs, drug paraphernalia, and more. Keep them in your classroom, lobby, or on hand to give away to others. All resources are included on the back!

Coloring Book

Working with younger students? Our coloring book is a great, age-appropriate way to introduce the concept of making healthy choices. Includes guided activities, word games, and more!

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