Lee Stewart

Parent Educator, Art Historian

Lee Stewart is an art historian who has taught Art History part-time while raising her three sons. She went to Princeton University as an undergraduate and received her PhD in Art History from Columbia University. Originally from the East coast, she moved to Oregon with her husband in 1992 and taught first at Portland State University and then at Oregon College of Art and Craft until it sadly closed in 2019. Relatively new to the world of prevention, Lee has been fervently educating herself and is passionate about wanting to protect youth from the harms of substances. She is particularly alarmed by the increasing normalization of marijuana use among teens in Oregon. In the wake of legalization and cannabis commercialization, youth perception of risk has decreased while their actual risk has increased exponentially with the creation of high-potency products. Aware that many parents do not know that marijuana today is nothing like the pot of their youth, she has become a certified parent educator through Johnny’s Ambassadors, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate on the dangers of today’s high-potency marijuana, particularly to youth, whose brains are primed for addiction and have a greater risk of brain impairment, mental illness, psychosis and suicide. She is also working to educate legislators and encouraging them to create policy that could help protect kids. Lee is eager to learn from others in the prevention community and to help support the mission of CLEAR Alliance in educating kids, families and communities about the importance of abstaining from substances.