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Marijuana Fact: According to NIDA, 1 in every 6 youth (and 1 in every 11 adults) who try marijuana will become addicted.

Heroin Fact: According to the CDC, drug poisoning deaths involving Heroin nearly quadrupled from 2000 to 2013. The most significant increase occurred after 2010.

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Marijuana Fact: Growing marijuana can result in the destruction of natural habitat from diesel spills, pesticide run off, and trash. (Source: National Drug Intelligence Center “Impact of Drugs on Society”)

Marijuana Fact: Research continues to show as perceived harm of marijuana decreases among teens, marijuana use increases among teens (Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Marijuana Fact: Youth who try marijuana before the age of 18 have a 1 in 6 chance of becoming addicted to it, adults have 1 in 11 chance of addiction. (Source: Wagner, F.A., and Anthony J.C. 2002) 

Marijuana Fact: In the United States, marijuana dependence is the #1 reason youth are in treatment, more than alcohol and other drugs. (Source: SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality)

Marijuana Fact: Over 1 million Americans ages 12 or older receive medically necessary treatment for marijuana, more than any other illegal drug. (Source: Office of National Drug Control Policy) 

Marijuana Fact: In 2012 a significant study on marijuana and intelligence found that marijuana use can permanently reduce IQ by as much as eight points by age 38 among people who started using marijuana regularly before age 18. (Source: Meier et al 2012)

Marijuana Fact: IQ loss from childhood exposure to marijuana is comparable to childhood exposure to lead paint. Permanent IQ loss associated with childhood lead exposure = 7.4 to 9.9 points. Permanent IQ loss associated with childhood marijuana exposure = 8 points. (Source: Dr. Christian Thurstone, Child & Adolescent and Addictions Psychiatrist,

Marijuana Fact: The average potency of THC in Marijuana has significantly increased since 1983. In the 60s and 70s, the potency was approximately 1-3% THC. In recent years, samples tested from law enforcement seizures have ranged approximately 12-37% THC, which is an increase of 300-800%. (Source: University of Mississippi Potency Monitoring Project,

Marijuana Fact: Smoked marijuana has been proven to be harmful to health. (Source: FDA)

Marijuana Fact: Associations have been found between marijuana use and mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts among adolescents, and personality disturbances. Research shows marijuana use can increase the risk of developing mental disorders by 40%. (Source: NIDA 2014; Moore TH Zammit S, Lingford-Huges A, et al, Cannabis use and risk of psychotic or affective mental health outcomes; Large, M. Sharma S, Compton M Slade T & O N 2011. Cannabis use and earlier onset of psychosis: a systematic meta-analysis. Archives of General Psychiatry. 68. Arsenault L, et al 2002. Cannabis use in adolescence and risk for adult psychosis: longitudinal prospective study. British Medical Journal 325, 1212-1213)

Marijuana Fact: Marijuana use impairs coordination, balance, perception, motivation, memory, and judgment. It also slows reaction time and increases risk of injuries in activities and sports. (Source: NIDA,

Tobacco Fact: Tobacco causes wheezing, yellow teeth, coughing, frequent colds. (Source: NIDA, American Lung Association, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs)

Tobacco Fact: Tobacco can damage lungs, cause heart disease, emphysema, mouth, throat, and other cancers. (Source: NIDA, American Lung Association, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs)

Tobacco Fact: In US, cigarette smoking accounts for over 440,000 deaths per year. (Source: NIDA, American Lung Association, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs)