Gracie Pacheco

Administrative Assistant

Gracie Pacheco is the administrative assistant at CLEAR Alliance and loves her job! Gracie grew up in Vancouver, Washington and moved to Central Oregon in 2020. She was homeschooled from 6th grade on and began attending Central Oregon Community College (COCC) in 2020. At COCC Gracie studied Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education. She graduated high school with some college education in 2021. Aside from working for CLEAR Alliance Gracie is also a faith-based blogger, podcaster, and social media influencer. She enjoys all the work she does both in her personal time and during her time at CLEAR Alliance. Gracie hopes to continue working with the organization until she and her husband decide to start their family, where she then plans on becoming a stay-at-home mom! Gracie’s hobbies include playing instruments, singing, writing music, photography, and scrapbooking. She is very excited to continue working with CLEAR Alliance and her beloved coworkers!