Connie Ramaekers

Prevention Specialist

Connie Ramaekers is the Founder and Program Director for Tigard Turns the Tide. Mrs. Ramaekers, a Certified Prevention Specialist with the Addictions Counselor Certification Board of Oregon, has been in the prevention field for more than 30 years. She has formed countless drug and alcohol youth movements including STUDD (Stop Teen Underage Drinking and Drug Use) with more than 100 students enrolled. In 1982, when a group of moms were shocked to find out that many high school students were using alcohol and marijuana, Connie was spurred to action and decided to do something to influence students to make good choices. In 1984, they organized the first alcohol and drug free graduation party. Fast forward to 2007, when they applied for and received a grant to set up Tigard Turns the Tide. In 2012, they received another grant to continue the work. The program has been making a difference, as reflected in the drop-in alcohol use rate in 8th graders by 50% since 2007. Connie Ramaekers is a founding Board Director of CLEAR Alliance.