wise owl, clear allianceWho we are:
Children Learning through Education And Research (CLEAR Alliance) is an educational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission:
To prevent and reduce youth substance abuse and impaired driving in Oregon through fact-based education.. 

Our focus:
CLEAR Alliance is unique as it is built and operated by Oregon public health, public safety and community leaders through the Oregon Statewide Coalition.  CLEAR Alliance offers education and resources (both online and in-person). CLEAR Alliance focuses on promoting and providing evidence-based education, health-and-safety messaging campaigns and other educational trainings and resources for youth, parents, schools, driver education programs, as well as to the public-service agencies and groups that serve these populations. All educational materials are referenced with evidence or science-based research and edited and approved by current and retired public health and safety professionals. 

Our goals for 2015-2017:
#1 Reduce youth substance abuse in Oregon
#2 Reduce impaired driving in Oregon
#3 Provide marijuana education programs to youth, parents, schools and driver education programs.
#4 Increase involvement in the Oregon Statewide Coalition and its Central and Eastern Oregon subgroup through connectivity with public-service providers throughout Oregon 
#5 Work to increase data-tracking systems that can improve public health and safety in Oregon.

Our vision:
Our vision is to strive for safe and healthy communities in Oregon.


Download our agency brochure:  CLEAR Alliance Brochure