Oregon Statewide Coalition

The Oregon Statewide Coalition (OSS) is a diverse coalition of citizens, community coalitions, and public-service professionals. Membership is available to teens, adults and public-service professionals who work together to support, educate and advocate for public health and safety. Members are listed and displayed by name, title and city. Membership is free and reserved for those who believe in our mission.


  • Free membership
  • Free monthly coalition meeting and training conference calls
  • Free continuing education hours (1 hour monthly) from ACCBO and DPSST for members
  • Free subscription to emails and newsletters

Newsletter Subscription ($25 per year)

For those who want to receive information about CLEAR Alliance resources but are unable to be a member of the Oregon Statewide Coalition can pay $25 to subscribe to CLEAR Alliance emails and newsletters.


  • $25 annual membership
  • Includes subscription to emails and newsletters